College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Big Apple Regional

Congrats to Quipfire! from Princeton for winning the 

College Improv Tournament Big Apple Regional!

CIT Big Apple Regional 

12pm Match
The Whistling Shrimp – Cornell University
Scatterbomb - Manhattan College
A 4 Effort – Rutgers University
2pm Match
Dangerbox - New York University
Yale Exit Players - Yale University
Quipfire! – Princeton University
Fruit Paunch – Columbia University
4pm Match
Gag Reflex – Wesleyan University
The Georgetown Improv Association – Georgetown University
Horse Lincoln Improv - University of Connecticut

7pm Finals Match
12pm winner
2pm winner
4pm winner
Wildcard (best of second place teams)

The Magnet Theatre

254 West 29th Street (at 8th Avenue)

New York City, NY 10001

12pm Match

The Whistling Shrimp

College or University = 
Cornell University
Performing Members 

Jon Zucker, Keith Newman, Chris McGinn, Olivia Krebs, Jessica Evans

Team Description = Cornell University's improv comedy troupe. We're so excited to be able to come back to the CIT this year!

College/University = Manhattan College
Performing Members = Megan McShane, Tom Engelhart, Liz Cunningham, Robbie Skorge, Tyler White, Gavin Sass, Brendan Goggins, Sam Martin

Group Description = Scatterbomb is Manhattan College's own infamous improv troupe founded back in the mid 00's and THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! 

A 4 Effort

College/University = Rutgers New Brunswick

Performing Members = Bryton McGrath, Alex Puhalla, Dan Conroy, Stephanie Siano, Ryan Gentek, Jordan Tepper

Group Description = A 4 Effort is Rutgers' own improv comedy troupe. Performing both long and short form improv, the A4E troupe is always looking to expand and explore.

2pm Match

Dangerbox Improv

College or University = New York University

Performing Members = Allison Brown, Arman Mohazzabfar, Kyleigh Johnson, Rachel Joravsky, Curtis Ascher, Alex Song, Stephanie Wurster
Non-Performing members = Cory Fraiman-Lott

Team Description = Dangerbox is NYU's premiere long-form improv group, performing structures like montages, Armandos and Harolds - plus some stuff they made up all by themselves.

The Yale Exit Players
College/University = Yale University
Performing Members = Jacob Paul, Devin Race, Zoe Greenberg, Eliana Kwartler, Alex Lew
Non-Performaing Members = Ava Kofman
Group Description = The Yale Exit Players, founded in 1984, are Yale's oldest improv group, a distinction that they earned when they were formed before any of the other improv groups at Yale.


College or University
 = Princeton University

Performing Members = David Drew, Daniel Feinberg, Nicolas Luzarraga, Adam Mastroianni, Jake Robertson, Amy Solomon, Carolyn Vasko

Team Description Quipfire! Improv Comedy is Princeton University's oldest improv group, established in 1992. We perform both short and long form on campus, and across the country in an annual tour. We boast fancy alums like former Daily Show writers and Ellie Kemper of The Office and Bridesmaids. 

Fruit Paunch
College or University = Columbia University
Performing Members = Bob Vulfov, Eli Grober, Kaylin Mahoney, Shelby Swartz, Ian Armony, Jackson Fisher

Team Description = Founded in 2003, Fruit Paunch is Columbia University's oldest improv comedy troupe. Since its formation, the group has developed its own style of long-form improv called "Unplugged," which is nothing but chaos. One of the group's annual shows is the "24-Hour Show" in the spring. Seeing the 24-Hour Show is repeatedly cited as a sacred Columbia tradition. Failing all of your final exams because you stayed up for 24 hours doing improv is repeatedly cited as a sacred Fruit Paunch tradition.

4pm Match

Gag Reflex

College/University = Wesleyan University

Performing Members = Taylor Goodstein, Liza Sankar-Gorton, Bennett Kirschner, Peter Conforti, Theodora Messalas, Gabe Walt
Non-Performaing Members = Jeremy Senie

Group Description = Gag Reflex performs the long-form Improv style called the Armando. It's nice. 

Georgetown Improv Association

College or University 
Georgetown University

Performing Members Audrey Walker, Nehemiah Markos, Tucker Cholvin, Emlyn Crenshaw, Priya Sharma, Niel Christy, Daniel Graff, Joseph Luther, Louis de Tilly-Blaru 
Team Description Georgetown University's long-form improvisational troupe founded in the spring of 1995. Its mission is to promote improv as an art form and to provide frequent and affordable performances to the Georgetown community and the greater public of the Washington area. Since 1997, the troupe has hosted Improvfest, one of the oldest collegiate improv festivals in the country.

Horse Lincoln Improv
College/University = University of Connecticut
Performing Members = Brittnie Carrier, Avery Desrosiers, Vicki Kallsen, Brenna Harvey, David Andrew, Will Biglin, Matt Fox, Julianne Norton, Marcel Wright, Adam Schuurmans 
Non-Performaing Members = Brian Ingmanson, Jackie DeBarge

Group Description = We're a rag tag group of youngsters doing longform improv comedy from little ol' Connecticut since 2008! Aw yeah!

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