College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Golden Gate Regional

Golden Gate Regional Champion
Awkward Silence
University of San Francisco

The Un-Scripted Theater

533 Sutter Street, Second Floor

Match Schedule

8pm Match

Awkward Silence – University of San Francisco
Stanford Improvisers - Stanford University
TBD - University of California Berkeley

Group Name = TBD Comedy
College/University = Universtiy of California, Berkeley
Performing Members = 9 to 10
Non-Performaing Members = 2 to 3
Group Description = TBD Comedy is UC Berkeley's only improv group that does both short-form and long-form. We love'em both! Our mission is to constantly grow as performers and promote the growth of improv in the Cal community. We love performing for our fans, the Cal community, and whomever will have us. We look forward to performing in the 2013 CIT Golden Gate Regional!
Group Name = Awkward Silence
College/University = University of San Francisco
Performing Members = Lucas Waldron, Dana Robie, Alex Krikorian, Astrea Centin, Lauren Bellenie, Shanna McHugh, Stevie Saunders, Alec Kaplan, Elizabeth Anderson
Group Description = Awkward Silence is University of San Francisco's best and most attractive short-form improv comedy team.
Group Name = Stanford Improvisors (SImps)
College/University = Stanford University
Performing Members = TBA
Non-Performaing Members = TBA
Group Description = The SImps love improv, plus they're Stanford's only improv troupe, so they do it a lot.

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