College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Heartland Regional

CIT Heartland Regional Completed!
Congratulations to the new CIT Heartland Regional Champions -

 The Best Best Friends
from the University of Missouri!

And to Second place (and possible Wild Card team)
 also from Mizzou - Dadprov!

Comedy City

817 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO

Match Schedule

1pm match

Here Me Out – University of Missouri

Zoiks! - Emporia State

Flatliners Improv – Missouri Valley College

Cardinal's Jesters - William Jewell College

3pm match

Action Pact - MidAmerica Nazerene University

Spiked Punch Lines Improv – University of Tulsa

On The Spot – Kansas State University

The Best Best Friends - University of Missouri

5pm match

Sloppy Joes - Newman University

K.A.R.L. - Washington University in St. Louis

Dadprov - University of Missouri

Punchline Players, State Fair Community College

10pm Finals Match

1pm Match Winner

3pm Match Winner

5pm Match Winner

Wildcard (Best of 2nd Place Teams)

Group Name = The Flatliners
College/University = Missouri Valley College
Performing Members = Sequan Davison, Caitlynn Davidson, Crystal Mann, Tommy Waller, Clayton Sullivan, Carrie Palmer, Raymond Banks
Non-Performaing Members = Kate Rueter, Wade Hughes, Harold Hynick

Group Description = The Flatliners are the resident improv troupe at MVC and perform at High Schools through out the state.

Group Name = Sloppy Joes
College/University = Newman University
Performing Members = Rebekah Baldridge, Pancho Fields, Brittany Jonas, Sara Ast, Andrew Hild, Alison Byrne, Emma Mattingly

Group Description = When we make a sandwich, we carefully craft it from the finest ingredients. So here at Newman University when we wanted to make an improv troupe, we selected the freshest, most diverse, and most flavorful folks from every department and activity and level of strangeness at Newman, and threw them together in one blackbox theatre to see what would happen. The result is a taste sensation that delights our audiences and yet, somehow, leaves them hungry for more and more and more.

Group Name: Cardinals' Jesters
College/University: William Jewell College
Performing Members: Max Frankel, Aaron Denney, Ryan Buell, Donald
Prusha, Caitlin Crawford

Team Description: The Cardinals' Jesters are the official improv
troupe of William Jewell College.  They bring the funny to the
students on campus for free every month, performing both short and
long form sets in their beloved Browning Theater, which doubles as a
nursing lecture hall since early 2011.

Group Name = Zoiks! Improv Comedy Troupe
College/University = Emporia State University
Performing Members = Bryce Cooke, Andrew McCutcheon, Emma DePriest, Austin Schopper, Shane Hollern, Justin Rahe, Amanda Ryan

Group Description = The Zoiks Improv Comedy Troupe is Emporia State University's premiere improv and sketch comedy performance group. Zoiks performs regularly on and off the ESU Campus. Just recently, Zoiks opened for the Black and White Comedy Tour and will open for Upright Citizens Brigade later this semester.

Group Name = On The Spot Improv
College/University = Kansas State University
Performing Members = Alec Todd, Shelby Storrie, Brady Bauman, Jordan Crook, Danny Neely, Val Rock, James Krotz, and Matt Roeder

Group Description = This is On The Spot's fourth year in existence and third year performing at CIT. We've done shortform, longform, workshops, dinner theaters, and the occasional wedding or bar mitzvah. 

Group Name = Dadprov
College/University = University of Missouri
Performing Members = Ian Sobule 
Eric Dude 
Dillon Cassidy

Group Description = Just a couple of guys from MU Improv that like dads.

Group Name = Action Pact
College/University = MidAmerica Nazarene University
Performing Members = Molly Harmel, Josiah Crandall, Alex Wilson, Rachel Gall, Matt Borger, Joey Alligier

Group Description = Action Pact is MidAmerica Nazarene University's improv group performing in surrounding states and on campus. The group performs two - three times a month and has been in existence for six years.

Group Name = Hear Me Out
College/University = MIzzou
Performing Members = -Sara Dennis, Caleb Doyle, Mason Kerwick, Hunter Lehr, Dan Leo, Steve Sheehan

Group Description = We're like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Plus two more people. One is a girl.

Group Name = K.A.R.L. Improv
College/University = Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Performing Members = Caryn Rubanovich, Carina Fowler, Will Jacobs, Kate Drummond, Alex Antrum, Connor McEvoy, Ben Cutler, Jessie Joseph, Lianna Cohen, Dera Ikeme, Nathan Wolf, Alex Mitchell

Group Description = KARL improv is a short-form improv group hailing from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Founded in the early 21st century, KARL improv has grown over the years and has performed in numerous festivals including the Gainesville Improv Festival and the CIT regional 2012. KARL improv is also host to the Pandamonium Improv Festival held in St. Louis, MO. In Spring 2012, KARL was named "Best Collegiate Improv Group," by popular vote in the Inny Awards. 

Group Name = The Best Best Friends
College/University = University of Missouri
Performing Members = Drew Kohler, Jake Wallach, and Clint Cannon
Non-Performaing Members = Schuyler Weinberg

Group Description = We're Best Best Friends, and you'll never know the Weinberg.
Group Name = Spiked Punch Lines Improv
College/University = The University of Tulsa
Performing Members = Anna Bennett, Stephen Lowe, Beth Geatches, Evan Fenska, Eli Wright, Matthew Bonadona
Group Description = Spiked Punch Lines Improv is the University of Tulsa's first and only improvisation group. Started in 2009, they specialize in short-form improv and bring a cheap and hilarious alternative to planned entertainment to the stages of Tulsa. Spiked Punch Lines Improv performs regularly on TU's campus and offers many styles of improv workshops, boasting a membership of 30+ improvisers!
Group Name = Punchline Players
College/University = State Fair Community College
Performing Members = Anthony Alverez, Brice Brewer, Ersery, Devin, Heather Hill, Sarah Hill, Stephen Klee, James Sheppard

Group Description: The Punchline Players are a rambunctious group of improvisers who have been stranded at state fairs.

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