College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Liberty Bell Regional

CIT Liberty Bell Regional Champion
The Buttered Niblets
Johns Hopkins University

Liberty Bell Regional Recap

Philly Improv Theater, 
@ The Adrienne Skybox

2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Match Schedule

2pm Match
Improv 101 - LaSalle University
Without a Net - University of Pennsylvania
Indoor Voices - American University
The Loaf - Shenandoah University

4pm Match
Buttered Niblets - Johns Hopkins University
The Bureau - University of Maryland College Park
Improv Molotov - Millersville University
Drexel Football Team - Drexel University

8pm Finals Match
2pm winner
4pm winner
Wildcard team (best of the second place teams)

Group Name = Improv 101
College/University = La Salle University
Performing Members = Pat Dohony, Jamie Glasheen, Brian McCarthy, Sean Gubitosi, Emily Caine, Kevin Mahon, CJ Rumer, Caitlin O'Malley

Group Description = Improv 101 is an improvisational comedy group made up of undergrad La Salle students. We specialize in short-form improv games and performances in seedy back alleys.

Group Name: Without a Net
College/University: University of Pennsylvania
Performing Members: Faryn Pearl, Alex Pleet, Gabe Jimenez, Jonah Meyerson, Jacob Kornman, Artem Nurlat
Non-Performing Members: Caroline Claflin
Team Description: We're the University of Pennsylvania's best (and only) improvised comedy troupe.

Group Name = Improv Molotov
College/University = Millersville University
Performing Members = Aaron Dake, Alex Dorsheimer, Paul Goraczko, Jessica Lieb, Kathleen Verbo, Emily Rissinger, Henry Wagner, Jaun Diehl, Tommy Yu 

Group Description = We are Improv Molotov, the only improv troupe in the Millersville area. We represent Millersville University, a small rural college outside Lancaster, PA. We are comprised of about 10 socially inept individuals from many walks of life. 

Group Name: Indoor Voices
College/University: American University
Performing Members: Shawn Bush, Thomas Cheng, Colin Dame, Jeff Friedman, Virginia Lyon, Madeline Wolfson
Team Description: Indoor Voices is comprised of six members of American University's improv troupeMission: Improv-able. Yes, we know how many other groups use this name; it's been around for two decades before any of us joined. We pride ourselves on how we utilize our diverse styles of humor to create unforgettable improv. Our voices are indoor, but we're anything but quiet! 

Group Name = The Buttered Niblets
College/University = Johns Hopkins University
Performing Members = Pamela Hugi, Morris Kraicer, Hilary Parker, Malcolm Douglas, Matt Myers, Claire Rosen, Jen Diamond, Neil Chapel

Group Description = The Buttered Niblets are Johns Hopkins University premier Comedy Improv Troupe. They like their improv long and they like their improv short, but most of all they like you.

Group Name = The Bureau
College/University = University of Maryland
Performing Members = Matan Berkowitz, Alex Zito, Matt DeCaro, Marty Thompson, Collin Baker and Chicken Daddy

Group Description = 8=====Dignified.

Group Name = The Loaf
College/University = Shenandoah University
A: Performing Members = Deirdre Dillon, Tom Cannan, Allison Petrillo, Caleb Forsythe, Eric Nauman, Kacey Willis, Spencer Streno, Allen Law, Desiree Dabney, Zane Rerek, Michael Pellegrino, Brandon Spann

Group Description = Shenandoah's one and only (bread based) improv/ 
sketch comedy troupe. We enjoy bread puns, making people laugh and long walks on the beach. So get ready for that.

Group Name = Drexel Football Team
College/University = Drexel University
Performing Members = Erica Pike, Sean Huber, Chad Fisher, Ross Reagan, Alix Leszczynski, Edric Garcia, Mary Perry, Nicholas Maleno 
Non-Performaing Members = Frieda Beckerman

Group Description = The Drexel Football Team is the official student-run Improv Comedy team of Drexel University. Established in 2005, the team has performed pubed and competed in improv shows around the Northeast, as well as multiple performances on Drexel's Pubey campus every year. All of the on campus performances are free to the public and feature a collection of wacky games, scenes, and audience participation; ALL improvised right on the spot. No pubes scripts whatsoever (no really, we tried that once and it didn't work. There are NO scripts) We perform a mix of Long Form Improv, a number of scenes that are loosely connected by a common theme, setting, story, word or character - Free form improv if you will - and Short Form pube Improv, which is based on a pube number of different games, each with their own set of rules and gimmicks ranging from simple to complex.

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