College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Lower Midwest Regional

Lower Midwest Regional Champion
Improv Mafia
Illinois State University

ComedySportz Indianapolis

721 Massachusetts ave

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Match Schedule

1pm Match
Awkward Silence - Indiana University
ImprompTU - Transylvania University
DeBono – University of Illinois
Crazy Monkeys – Purdue University
3pm Match
Spicy Clamato – University of Illinois
Ship of Fools – Purdue University
Fishbowl Improv – Ohio State University
Full Frontal Comedy – Indiana University
5pm Match
Sketched Out - Miami University of Oxford, Ohio
Improv Mafia – Illinois State University
ABSO Improv Comedy – Ball State University
Humor Artists – Norte Dame University

10pm finals
1pm winner
3pm winner
5pm winner

Group Name = DeBono
College/University = University of Illinois
Performing Members = Jordan Lange, Jaime Lemens, Nicholas Dietrich, Julie Brady, Terrance Rogers, David Naber, Brendan Sweeney, Jessica Shyrock
Non-Performaing Members = Kimi Arquines, Clare Cutler

Group Description = DeBono is a longform musical improv comedy group. We are the longest running longform group at University of Illinois. We come from all different majors and just LOVE performing and watching improv comedy!

Group Name = Spicy Clamato
College/University = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Performing Members = Maddie Murphy, Robel Arega, Paul Finn, Nick Martin, Sam April, Liam Burns, Ethan Robisch, Jordan Lange, Cara Collins 

Group Description = Spicy Clamato is a short-form improvisational group. We utilize a variety of two-person and multi-person games in our sets. We also ask the audience for multiple suggestions throughout the set. 

Group Name = Ship of Fools
College/University = Purdue University
Performing Members = Kate Borders, Jeremy Starks, Becky Krause, Leah Hedrick, Luke Poole, Gavin Pugh, David Felts, Josiah Telschow, Adam Weatherford

Group Description = We are a short-form improv group experimenting with various long-form setups. We host the Purdue Improv Club, which allows Purdue students to try their hand at improv. We are excited to be part of the CIT this year!

Group Name = The Humor Artists
College/University = University of Notre Dame
Performing Members = Miranda Brickner, Cameron Cortens, Elise Eiden, Dan Sullivan, Alec Vanthournout
Non-Performaing Members = Dani Dorrego, Stephen Elser, Brian Rodgers, Conor Hanney,

Group Description = The Humor Artists are Notre Dame's premier (and only) improv troupe. Under the tutelage of the wonderful Meghan Brown, we perform regular long- and short-form shows in the Michiana area. 

Group Name = Abso Improv Comedy
College/University = Ball State University
Performing Members = Brody Goodnight, Jimmy Guerrero, Ethan Johnson, Megan Spencer, Erin Schend, Jake Kryshak, Skyler Blevins, David Tarsha, Alex Waite, Katie Kincaid 
Non-Performaing Members = Will Jervis

Group Description = Abso Improv Comedy is Ball State's premiere Improv troupe. Founded 21 years ago the group strives to keep comedy alive and kickin amongst the Ball State campus. Abso practices twice a week and has shows twice a month. Whether on stage or off you can see member hanging out together most of the time. Abso isn't just an improv troupe, they are a family. 

Group Name = Improv Mafia
College/University = Illinois State University
Performing Members = Jason Raymer, Robert Leahy, Kyle McClevey, Carlos Kmet, Fiona Stephens, Liz Dillard, Jason Snyder
Non-Performaing Members = Dee Savaria, Ally Morton, Garrett Douglas, Devin Prior

Group Description = Created in 1999, Improv Mafia is Illinois State University's one and only improv troupe. They perform free weekly shows on ISU's campus that are open to students and the public. Mafia's repertoire includes short, long and experimental forms of improv.
Group Name = ImprompTU
College/University = Transylvania University
Performing Members = Alex Cheser, Andrew Traughber, Cameron Lindsey, Chloe King, Cory Collins
Non-Performaing Members = Josiah Knight, Garrett Gabriel, Taylor Deaton, Heidi Clark, Stephannie Bostick
Group Description = We are a bunch of friends that put on shows on our little liberal arts campus for some big crowds from all around Lexington, KY. We have been presenting short-form and long-form shows every month for the past four years, and we hope to stick around for a while longer too!
Group Name = Sketched Out
College/University = Miami University of Oxford, Ohio
Performing Members = Mike Gospel, Joseph Bushur, Laura Palmer, Johnny Griffin, Sarah Duncan, Laura Feldmeyer, Scott Dalton, Lizzie Docel, Christian Corpora
Group Description = Sketched Out is Miami University's best and only improv group. We do little skits.
Group Name = DLB
College/University = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Performing Members = Mateo Hurtado, David Naber, Zeynep Ali, Petra Forsythe, Terrance Rogers, Liam Burns
Group Description = Team DLB specializes in the Armando Long Form Improv Technique!
Group Name = Awkward Silence Comedy
College/University = Indiana University - Bloomington
Performing Members = Ian Martin, Jessye Mueller, Ted Ofner, Daniel Versweyveld
Group Description = Awkward Silence Comedy is a close knit ensemble, focusing primarily on long form, who come together to weave a tapestry of eclectic characters and relationship based scenes. Each performance is an explosive romp through the collective consciousness of the ensemble. Ultimately this experimental group stays grounded by their Midwestern values! Awkward Silence performs weekly in the Indiana Memorial Union and venues throughout the country including, CIT, the Del Close Marathon in New York, the Fracas Improv Festival in LA, the Bellwether Improv Festival, and the Malignant Humor Comedy Festival.
Group Name = The Crazy Monkeys
College/University = Purdue University
Performing Members = Casey Drummer, Jason Van Houten, Michael Sullivan, Aaren Kracich, Michelle La Follette, Christina Buckley
Group Description = We are Purdue's premier improv comedy group, specializing in a mix of long and short form.
Group Name = Ok Batman
College/University = University of Illinois
Performing Members = Paul Twarowski, Kate Dorhout, Robel Arega, Nicholas Dietrich, Julie Brady
Non-Performaing Members = Anna Gooler
Group Description = Ok Batman is a long-form improv group from the University of Illinois. This will be their first appearance as Ok Batman.
Group Name = Full Frontal Comedy
College/University = Indiana University
Performing Members = Peter Carey, Jeff Jensen, Nick Haddad, Michael Haluska, Patrick Loughery, Sam Doughty, Emily Mange, Stephanie Katz, Max Zander
Group Description = Based in Bloomington, Indiana on the beautiful campus of Indiana University, Full Frontal Comedy performs long-form, deep dish, "Chicago-style" improv spiced up with some short improv games and sketches. Full Frontal keeps audiences engaged in the aisles with their unscripted, imaginative, and completely hilarious shows.

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