College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Nationals Match Schedule

2pm Semi Finals Match
Dadprov - University of Missouri
Barren Mind - Arizona State University
Kids These Days - Wheaton College
Seriously Bent - Suffolk University

12pm Semi Finals Match
Red Light School District - University of Illinois-Circle
The Buttered Niblets - Johns Hopkins University
The Mobb Line - Savannah College of Arts & Design
UBCimprov - University of British Columbia, Canada

6pm Semi Finals Match
Dead Parrots Society - Western Washington University
The Best Best Friends - University of Missouri
Paperback Rhino - University of Iowa
Quipfire! - Princeton University

4pm Semi Finals Match
Whistling Shrimp - Cornell University
Awkward Silence - University of San Francisco
Glaundor - University of Houston
Improv Mafia - Illinois State University

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