College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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New England Regional

Congrats to Seriously Bent From Suffolk University for winning the CIT New England Regional Championship!

College Improv Tournament - New England Regional 
at the YMCA Cambridge Theatre

This year's CIT NER will take place at the YMCA Cambridge theatre and will have teams from the New England Area competing in matches throughout the day.  Check out the venue location and ticket info below, and scroll further for team info!

YMCA Cambridge Theatre

820 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Match Schedule

12pm match

Guerilla Improv – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Three Letter Acronym - Harvard University

Seriously Bent – Suffolk University

2pm match

Committee for Creative Enactments – Boston College

Immediate Gratification Players – Harvard University

Nu & Improv’d – Northeastern University

4pm match

Cheap Sox – Tufts University

Otter Nonsense Players – Middlebury College

TBA – Brandeis University

12PM Match 

Seriously Bent

College or University =Suffolk University
Performing Members = Zachary Barker, Ethan Bukowiec, Tobias Foglia, Andrew King, Amanda Sousa, Joey Talluto, Tatjana von Rosen
Non-Performing members = Anthony Passafiume, Andrew Cataluna

Team Description Suffolk University. We perform both longform and shortform improv, and are excited to perform alongside so many other incredibly talented teams at the College Improv Tournament!

Guerilla Improv

College or University - Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Performing Members -  Caleb Ruvich, Greg DiLullo, Molly Ott, Alex Kafantis,  Neil Pomerleau, Angela Davis,  Michael Perrone, CJ Flanagan

Three Letter Acronym
College or University = Harvard University
Performing Members Doug Bright, Kyla Haggerty, Lily Karlin, Gideon Nachman, Will Poff-Webster, Blythe Roberson, Michael Shayan
Team Description = Three Letter Acronym is Harvard's first and only Harold team. We perform shows comprising of two Harolds at least once a month on the Harvard campus. We also have had the chance to perform at the Del Close Marathon, the NYC Improv Festival, and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. We are utterly psyched to be a part of this year's CIT.

2PM Match

NU & Improv'd
College/University = Northeastern
Performing Members = Kelsey Meagher, Gabe Feldstein, Kevin Comer, Clare Cashen, Kenny Gray, Billy Galante, Sonya McDonald
Non-Performaing Members = Kellyn Morrow
Group Description =  We are students at Northeastern who participate in and experiment with improvisational comedy. Looking to get back to Chicago to finish what we started. Seriously hell bent on the cup.

College/University = Boston College
Performing Members = Jack Masterson, Emma Misset, Sam Monk, Ryan McGrath, Jill Lawler, Brendan Connelly, Zander Weiss, Chris Pinto, Phil Seidl

Group Description = We are an improv comedy group at BC and we don't make cuts, teaching the art of improv to anyone who's willing to learn. We also have a scripted murder-mystery comedy show twice a year.
The Immediate Gratification Players

College/University = Harvard University

Performing Members = Katherine Damm, Alex McCue, Andy Boyd Ezra Stoller, Jake Silberg, Libby Coleman, Nicky Hirschhorn, Aaron Henricks, Ari Brenner
Non-Performaing Members = Christopher FrugÃ, Martha Farlow

Group Description = The Immediate Gratification Players are a long-form improvisational comedy troupe from Harvard Unversity. We have been performing free on-campus shows since the fall of 1986, including an annual festival that attracts college troupes from across the country. IGP has also taken its improv on the road, traveling to such places as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, London, and the Bay Area, and we are psyched to be participating in this year's CIT!

4PM Match

Cheap Sox

College or University
 = Tufts University

Performing Members = Rachel Schoenbrun, David Schwartz, Adam Bangser, Dan Katz-Zeiger, Katie Wartella, Rachel Weinstock, Wally Napier, Michele Herzog, Marcus Hunter

Team Description = Cheap Sox is Tufts only improv troupe, performing predominantly short form improv. They dress in pink bowling shirts and know how to get a good bargain.

To Be Announced
College/University = Brandeis University
Performing Members = Ari Ehrmann, Jon Jecker, Yoni Sebag, Rachel Huvard, Julian Seltzer, Gabby Zilkha, Jake Cohen, Erica Evans, Jay Dev
Non-Performaing Members = Clare Churchill-Seder, Rafi Abramowitz

Group Description = To Be Announced is from Brandeis University and is the only group there that combines short-form and long-form improv with sketch comedy. 

Otter Nonsense
College or University = Middlebury College
Performing Members = Ben Orbison, Adam Benay, Chris De La Cruz, Alexandra Kennedy, Jenny Johnston, Ricky Chen
Non-Performing members = Adam Milano, Greg Dorris

Team Description = The Otter Nonsense Players are Middlebury College's oldest improv comedy group. Historically, the Otters have been a long-form based group, trying different structures from monologue deconstructions to improvised Shakespearean plays. More recently, however, the group has been focusing on the Harold. Along with improvising, the group has made two Web Series for Funny or Die and you can see their sketches on the show "College Quickies" on MTVu.


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