College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Northwest Regional

CIT Northwest Regional Champion
UBC Improv 
University of British Columbia

Jet City Improv

5510 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Match Schedule

3pm Match
Collective – University of Washington-Seattle
Dead Parrots Society – Western Washington University 
SCRIPTed– Lewis & Clark College 
The Significant Others - University of Portland

5pm Match
UBCimprov – University of British Columbia 
Varsity Nordic – Whitman College 
The Ministry of Madness - Green River Community College
Absolute Improv - University of Oregon
Clay Crows - Pacific Lutheran University

8pm Finals Match
3pm winner
5pm winner
Wildcard team (best of the second place teams)

Group Name = The Dead Parrots Society
College/University = Western Washington University
Performing Members = Zach Wymore, Jake Barrow, Elizabeth Andrews, Ali Khan, Greg Phelps, Tobias Childs (alternate)
Non-Performaing Members = Mario Orallo-Molinaro, Michael Brannan, Levi Friedman, Katie Heath, Jon Ramsey 

Group Description = The Dead Parrots Society has provided Western Washington University with its unique brand of improv since 1998. DPS is completely student-run and performs longform improv regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Group Name = SCRIPTed
College/University = Lewis & Clark
Performing Members = Brandon Ceislak, Liz Horton, David Oehler, Webster Rasmussen, Jake Simonds.
Non-Performaing Members = Corey McCarey
Group Description = Since 2007, SCRIPTed has played matchmaker between the Lewis & Clark community and great improv. SCRIPTed stands for the Serious Club's Really Intense Performance troupe. SCRIPTed has performed in Seattle, Vancouver, the greater Portland area, and last spring one of our performers got recognized by a random fan in London, England!
Group Name = Varsity Nordic
College/University = Whitman College
A: Performing Members = Hannah Davenport, Kinsey White, Henry Nolan, Nick Cross, Sam Gelband, Ailie Kerr, Eli Zavatsky, Rose Gottlieb, Jeremy Howell, Sam Halgren, Cory Rand
Group Description = Varsity Nordic is Whitman College's premier long-form improv team.

Group Name = The Significant Others
College/University = University of Portland
Performing Members = Jacquelyn Ackerson, Rachel Van Nes, Ben Mesches, Ryan Belise, Matt Tominaga, Devin Helmgren, Beau Borek
Non-Performaing Members = Zach Nye, Allie Seibert, Nate Mattix

Group Description = The Significant Others is a self-taught improv troupe in the University of Portland's improv club,the Bluffoons. We are team of students who focus on finding the humor and lightheartedness of every situation and creating a welcoming environment for every UP student who joins our ranks,

Group Name = The Ministry of Madness
College/University = Green River Community College
Performing Members = Jedd Bingham, Sarah Flory, Sean Wagemans, Amanda Olsen, Jake Cossio, Kyle Richardson, Justin Miller, Brandon Haddix (Alternate)

Group Description = The Ministry of Madness is Green River's Improv Troupe and the first and only theater club on our campus! We have been active since early 2011 and perform a wide variety of forms and structures in efforts to create a strong theatrical outlet for all students!

Group Name = The Collective
College/University = University of Washington
Performing Members = Carl Powers, Kayla Hornbrook, Byron Wu, Alex Lafnitzegger, Mallory Gillin, Suz Boretz, Kevin Lin, Ada Waelder, Maddie Hamel, Paul Lau (tech), Risa Wampler (tech)
Non-Performaing Members = Celia Gurney, Elliott Adler, Shawnee Luciani, Olivia Sommers, Jacob Williams, Andrew Kimitsuka, Adam Moshcatel, Rebecca Wyman

Group Description = The Collective is UW's Best and Only Improv troupe. We bring comedy goodness right here in Seattle through our shows, workshops, and campus shenanigans. Our goal is to remind our audiences what it means to play.

Group Name = UBCimprov
College/University = University of British Columbia
Performing Members = Zach Wolfman, Jordan Moore, Noah Goldenberg, Ghazal Azarbad, Kelsey Land

Group Description = UBCimprov has been breaking funny bones on campus since 1999. We are a power-packed comedy juggernaut that assaults all that is dreary and unimaginative about the post-secondary experience. Stealing stories from the doldrums of the uninspired, we improvise a theatrical roller-coaster that does not comply with any of British Columbia's safety standards. 

Group Name = Absolute Improv
College/University = University of Oregon
Performing Members = Suzanna Akins, Maddie Dunkelberg, Ryan Hoefle, John Jeffrey, Rhiannah Johnson, Olivia Walton
Non-Performaing Members = Sam Cain, Martin Diaz-Valdez, Evan Marshall, Zoe Muellner

Group Description = Absolute Improv has been gigging across Eugene, Oregon for over eighteen years. Their venues range from Lord Leebrick Theater, to the Green Room Comedy Club. Absolute plays in both longform and shortform improv, and collaborates as a student-run group at the UO. All members enjoy long walks on the beach, holding hands, and pina coladas.

Group Name = Clay Crows
College/University = Pacific Lutheran University
Performing Members = Myia Johnson, Alie Shultz, Jessica Lenczycki, and Thomas Robinson.

Group Description = The Clay Crows are Pacific Lutheran University's premiere and only improv troupe. Founded in 2007 They Crows play around in long and short form and host improvisation  workshops for anyone interested.

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