College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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South Regional

CIT South Regional Champion
The Mobb Line
Savannah College of Art and Design

Dad's Garage

280 Elizabeth Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Match Schedule

2pm match

Superhuman Moonbots - University of Central Florida

Wingmen - University of New Orleans

KISS - Kennesaw State University

Schticks & Giggles - Piedmont College

4pm match

Last Ones Picked - Vanderbilt University

Far Sketched - Anderson University

Improv Athens – University of Georgia

Goodprov Badprov - University of Central Florida

6pm match

Treble Makers - University of Florida

Toast - University of South Carolina

The Yes Andersons - Vanderbilt University

Mobb Line – Savannah College of Art & Design

8pm Finals

2pm match winner

4pm match winner

6pm match winner

Wildcard Team

Group NameSchticks & Giggles
College or University = Piedmont College
Performing Members = Matt McClure, Melissa Rice, Ben Cissé, Nic Sridej, 
Oliver Merritt, Justin Gilleland 

Team Description = A fairly new troupe, this is Schticks & Giggles's fourth year in existence. Six of the members will be performing at the tournament, but in total we have a twelve member troupe that performs a variety of shows throughout the year, two of which include charity performances where we raise money for nearby organizations. We're looking to expand our knowledge of improv and connect with people who love it as much as we do, and we think the College Improv Tournament would be a great place to do that.

Group Name = Improv Athens
College/University = The University of Georgia
Performing Members = John David Williams, Dane Troy, Bradley Bazzle, Cole Earnest, Wes Parrish, Shelli Delgado, Jason Burwell

Group Description = Our mission is to provide high-quality, enjoyable, affordable improvisational theatre to the University of Georgia community, Athens, GA, and the surrounding area, as well as, to instruct and welcome any individual interested in improvisational theatre.

Group Name = The Treble Makers
College/University = University of Florida
Performing Members = David Mucci, Zachary Peterson, Rachel Newman, Ishin Iwasaki, Michael Pomerantz, Kevin Tra
Non-Performaing Members = Nick Slater

Group Description = Established in 2011, The Treble Makers are the University of Florida's premier musical improv troupe. They provide comedic relief and the sweet sounds of music to varying audiences across the state of Florida. So sit back, laugh, cry, and watch them shake up the improv world.

Group Name = Mobb Line
College/University = Savannah College of Art and Design
Performing Members = Maddy Buxton, Kamille Dawkins, Charlie Hafer, AJ Jennings, Ian Mather, Chris Mayers, Cody Murphy, Anne-Marie Trabolsi, Sara Turner

Group Description = Mobb Line, now in its third year, is part of a growing improv community at SCAD. Last year was our first time at C.I.T. and it was a great to see what other groups are doing, share ideas and talk improv. We're exploring long form improv and looking forward to another C.I.T.

Group Name = K.I.S.S. (Kennesaw Improv Society, Stupid!)
College/University = Kennesaw State University 
Performing Members = Zach Bromberg, Molly Gilmartin, Emily Wolfe, Michael Butler 
Maged Roushdi, Qate Bean
Non-Performaing Members = Jamie Bullins

Group Description = "Improv Dangerously" is the mantra. No blood, no foul. Side-splitting, surprising and, sometimes, absolutely silly. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride folks. Buckle up. 

Group Name = Wingmen
College/University = University of New Orleans
Performing Members = Matthew Ethan Carmichael 
Danny Abel

Group Description = Break-off two-man show representing the University of New Orleans troupe F.D.R. Improv.

Group Name = Toast
College/University = University of South Carolina
Performing Members = Marissa Gastelle, Max Lasser, Victoria Whitten, Casey Clough, Alexandra Herstik, Nick Ducko, Lloyd Kimpton
Non-Performaing Members = Liam Macdougal, Ryan Stevens

Group Description = Twelve years ago our founders ran out of paper but needed to print flyers for an improv show. They grabbed a piece of bread and thus Toast was born and a printer broken. 
9 members strong Toast is looking forward to learning from new people and taking the show on the road.

Group Name = Goodprov Badprov
College/University = University of Central Florida
Performing Members = Alex Bair, Tommy Bowe, Alex Hluch, Jamie O'Neil, Ryan O'Toole, Kody Schmidt
Non-Performaing Members = Sara Ambra, Sofia Ambra, Alex Hehr, Jamie Aronson

Group Description = A group, forged by raw emotion and other materials, that has been around for a little over a year. We specialize in doing things as well as hanging out. It's a difficult job, but some one has to do it.

Group Name = Superhuman Moonbots

College/University = University of Central Florida
Performing Members = Danielle Clarke, Kelly DeMent, Billy Fisher, Taylor Frost, Zack Wright
Non-Performaing Members = Katelynn Johnson, Douglas Jensen, Alexa Rahmanparast
Group Description = On the snow capped peaks of the tallest mountain in the world, five brothers united to forge the greatest alliance ever know by any humans in the history of ever. The rest you just kind of have to connect the dots and throw in whatever you think is probably true.
Group Name = The Yes Andersons
College/University = Vanderbilt University
Performing Members = Jessica D'Angelo, David Johnson, Brian Cooper, Peter Linck, Matthew Preston, William Hillsman, Adina Rosenberg
Group Description = The Yes Andersons are a group whose sum is greater than its parts. We love each other and improvise for each other. No risk is too great. When it happens, you'll know it.
Group Name = Last One's Picked
College/University = Vanderbilt University
Performing Members = Alex Lovely, Robert Hiland, Brendan Gray, Lauren Mandel, Katherine Smith, Charles "Dante" Thomas
Group Description = Because once upon a time, we were...and you were, too.
Group Name = Far Sketched
College/University = Anderson University
Performing Members = Matt Reiser, Taylor Dorsett, Hollie Griffin, Dustin Bays, Norma Zupko, Eric Black, Tyler Prescott, Jake Collins
Group Description = Short form improv group from Anderson, SC.

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