College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Southwest Regional

CIT Southwest Regional Champion
Glaundor - University of Houston

The Hideout Theatre

617 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701

Match Schedule

5pm Match

Cricket City Improv - Texas A&M – Commerce

Don't Ask Me How - Austin College

Glaundor – University of Houston

Alternative Fuels – Texas Tech University


7pm Match

Left Right TIM - University of Colorado Boulder

Bear Minimum - Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Senseless Acts of Comedy – Texas Christian University

Spontaneous Combustion – Rice University


9pm Match

Gigglepants - UT Austin 

Phortasics - University of Houston

Lazer Minnelli - Univerity of North Texas

Out on a Limb - NSU

Theatre Strike Force – University of Florida


11pm Finals Match

5pm Winner

7pm Winner

9pm Winner

Wildcard Team (Best of Second Place Teams)

Performing Members = Timothy Callais 
Sharla Mills 
Beau Wilson 
Brittany McMahon 
Tyler Price 
Shannon Harger 
Allen Powers
Non-Performing members = Cameron Metrejean

Team DescriptionOUT ON A LIMB's Faculty Advisor, Scott Burrell founded the troupe several years ago as a Comedy Sports team. After attending our first College Improv Tournament in 2009, our current Captain, Timothy Callais enrolled in iO Chicago's 2010 Summer Intensive. 

Group Name Phortasics
College or University - University of Houston

Team Description Phortasics is Houston's newest long-form improv troupe, based out of the University of Houston. A Phortasics show begins with a single suggestion from the audience, and then blossoms into a many-splendored world of wonder and whimsy!

Performing Members 

AmyJo Foreman, Ben Gammack, Brendon Lara, Christine Arnold, Christine Wines, Max Holkan, Paige Wharton, Robert Price, Vic Shuttee

Group Name = Bear Minimum
College/University = Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi
Performing Members = Kevin Fredrick, Jamie Goodman, Austin Vaught, Malcolm Petty, Jason Mott, David Serna

Group Description = Bear Minimum was founded on a camping trip in the Appalachian Mountains where a magical bear abducted the group for three days. No one will speak of what happened, but on the third day Bear Minimum emerged from the forest hungry for the souls of other improvisers.

Group Name = Glaundor
College/University = The University of Houston
Performing Members = Jason Ronje, Kevin Lusignolo, Kirk Ellis, Colin David, Adam Sowers, Andrew Garrett, Saurabh Pande

Group Description = What happens when the North star leads you South? 
Euphoric, transcendent, Haliburton-esque. 

Group Name = Spontaneous Combustion
College/University = Rice University
Performing Members = Ian Campbell, Adrien Pellerin, Hurst Williamson, Sal Testa, John Mendell
Non-Performaing Members = Jake Hassell, Westin Williams, Ben Hamm Conard

Group Description = We are Rice University's first and foremost improv troupe catering to all the improv needs of the Houston area and they are plentiful. Mixing in both long and short form, Spontaneous Combustion is there to spread improv love to the college campus.

Group Name = Alternative Fuels
College/University = Texas Tech University
Performing Members = Ryan Russell, Matt Plummer, Casey Joiner, Cody Lindley, Tom Laney, and Nicole Amos

Group Description = Do you like comedy? Do you like West Texas? Do you love being entertained by spontaneity? Do you eat sandwiches with mustard? How about with mayo? Is your favorite color blue? How many siblings do you have? Are you tired of these unnecessary questions? Too Bad. How much weight do you gain during holidays? Can you bench press 150 lbs? Is your celebrity crush Brad Pitt? Ours too. We're Alternative Fuels!

Group Name = Cricket City 
College/University = Texas A&M University-Commerce
Performing Members = Melissa Archer, Bailie Avrit, Sean Bates, Michael Cody Blan, Glenn Davis, Kenny Scarberry
Non-Performaing Members = Michael Adeyemo, Kym Baxter, Brittney Bowen, Jacob Layton, Ronald Leonard, Andrew Milke, Victoria Walters 

Group Description = Cricket City Improv is based out of Texas A&M University-Commerce, but we are East Texas's premier Improv troupe. One day we were walking down the street, improving, when out of the sky appeared an angel, an angel that sent us on a quest to fill the world with laughter, watch out other troupes because Crickets are everywhere! 

Group Name = Senseless Acts of Comedy
College/University = Texas Christian University
Performing Members = Daniel Floren, Pearce Byrd, Grant Moore, Kelly Ryan, Holly Whitt, Connor Paden, Ben Yoder, Jon Barnes, Brett Hildebrand, Jeffrey Chatman, Tori Twomey

Group Description = Senseless Acts of Comedy, or SAC for short, is a long form and short form troupe hailing from TCU in Fort Worth. We recently celebrated our tenth anniversary on campus, where we put on shows every Thursday night at 9pm. If you need to know any more about us be sure to check your local library. 

Group Name = Don't Ask Me How
College/University = Austin College
Performing Members = Maddy Fouga, Julio Malave-Torres, Spencer Nystrom, Jessica Shanks, Conner Skinner, Nicholas Tanner, Sarah Wilhelm, Harrison Wilkie

Group Description = We hail from Sherman, and through the long and short, the musical and the machine, we have faced the forms of improv, met astounding characters, visited worlds that no man ought have seen. Performing since 2007, we come to Austin to invite you to the realms fantastic.

Group Name = Theatre Strike Force
College/University = University of Florida
Performing Members = Bradley Hersch, Taylor Gonzalez, Nick Slater, Jacki Schwarz, Dan LeVine, Sami Main
Non-Performaing Members = Patrick Hart

Group Description = Theatre Strike is one of the nation's largest college improv clubs, with over 100 members every year. Representing them in CIT is "The Sunday Group", the premier long-form team of the club.

Group Name = Left Right TIM
College/University = University of Colorado Boulder
Performing Members = Parker Richards, Zach Morin, Peter Cirkovic, Kailyn Bennett, Colleen Ryan, Kay Ren, Smith Johnston, Josh Scott

Group Description = Left Right TIM is CU Boulder's Premiere Improv Comedy Troupe. Born from the ashes of Gods, the members of Left Right TIM are.  

Group Name = Gigglepants
College/University = UT Austin
Performing Members = Huy Nguyen, Nadia Khalid, Thomas Kelleher, Garrett Meeks, Isaac Benavidez, Evan T. Atherton, Reid O'Conor
Group Description = Gigglepants is UT Austin's best and only improv troupe. We perform short-form improv comedy every other week to packed crowds in auditoriums on campus. Gigglepants practices "good, clean fun" meaning our improv is good, clean, and fun. 

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