College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Tournament Format

Other FAQ's

Can my school submit more than one team?

Yes.  However, an improviser may not compete with two different teams past the preliminary matches.  Also, a team cannot add players once it advances (unless they are already registered and had a last minute change).

How are we judged?

CIT has 3 of the best local and professional improvisers watch all the shows, and choose the team they would like to advance.

Judges also provide written feedback to all teams at every level of the tournament (after every performance).

What do we win?

At the regional level, the winners will win a Regional Plaque as well as a place in the National Tourament in Chicago in March.

What is the College Improv Tournament?

The College Improv Tournament is made up of 12 regional competitions across the United States.  The winners of each regional, plus 4 wild card teams that are selected after the completion of all regionals will be entered into the National Competition in Chicago in March.

What is the Format?

Every team in the tournament gets 20-22 minutes to perform any style of improv they like.  A team can do all short form games, one long form, a mix of short and long form, narrative, puppets, musical... you name it.  As long as it is improvised, we are happy to have it.  

Matches: In each Regional Tournament, there are 3-4 preliminary matches with 3-4 teams competing in each prelim match.  The winning team of each preliminary match, moves on to the regional finals.  In some cases, a wild card team will also be selected to move on to the regional finals match.


The Imaginary Regional

1PM Prelim Match

Killer Bees (Honey University)

Zombie Players (Death College)

The Kinglers (Pokingmon College)

3PM Prelim Match

Becky's Bonnets (Rebecca University)

Lollipoppers (Candytown College)

Zippers (Pants University)

5PM Prelim Match

Stop Peeing! (Urine University)

Letters from the Deaditor (Death College)

Antigo-Knee-Slappers (Punston University)

8PM Finals Match

Zombie Players (Death College) Winner of 1PM Prelim

Lollipoppers (Candytown College) Winner of 3PM Prelim

Stop Peeing! (Urine University) Winner of 5PM Prelim

Antigo-Knee-Slappers (Punston University) WildCard Team

Winner: Stop Peeing (Urine University) - Advances to National Tournament

Runner Up: Zombie Players (Death College) - Possible Wild Card Team for National Tournament

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