College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Upper Midwest Regional

Congrats to Paperback Rhino from the University of Iowa for winning the 
CIT Upper Midwest Regional Championship!

Match Schedule

12pm match
Hi I'm Prov - Lawrence University
Paperback Rhino - University of Iowa 
Runner Up Improv - Winona State University 
Top Banana - Luther College 
2pm match
Blue Light Special - Iowa Central Community College 
Breakfast for Dinner – University of Minnesota-Morris 
Friendship Cave - University of Wisconsin- Madison
To Be Determined - NDSU 
4pm match
21 Club - Minneapolis College of Art & Design 
Merely Players – Carthage College 
Understudies – University of Wisconsin-Madison 

3037 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

12pm Match

Hi I'mProv

College or University - Lawrence University

Performing members - Joram Zbichorski, Brian Zindler, Nick Paulson, Myles Wagner, Sadie Lancrete, Shannon Kreuser, Abi Leveille

Team Description - Lawrence's only improv group! We do a mix of long form and short form.

Paperback Rhino
College/University = University of Iowa
Performing Members = Mary Fessler, Chloe Metzger, Tyler Lynch, Zach Spindler, Spencer Hawk, Riley Cook, Shane Nielsen, Nick Kleese, Connett Croghan, Dan Wilkinson

Non-Performaing Members = Ben Mackey, Sirena Lindsay

Group Description = Paperback Rhino is a short & long form improv group from the University of Iowa. This will be their fourth year performing at CIT and they are almost TOO excited about it.

RunnerUp Comedy Troupe
College/University = Winona State University
Performing Members = Hannah Jones, Jackson Collins, Olivia Wulf, Mark Babel, Matthew Wenzel, Anthony Stewart, Erik Larson
Non-Performaing Members = Abbey Hammel, Brady Beckman, Adam Calcagno

Group Description = Hailing from the bluffs of Winona, MN, we're RunnerUp Comedy Troupe! We come to kick butt and get laughs, and we're all out of butt. And, if we run out of laughs... well, we'll improvise.

Top Banana
College/University = Luther College
Performing Members = Chris Paulson, Sarah McRoberts, Nicole Billips, Ted Ortega, Pat Fagan, Chelanga Langason, Kristina Nienhaus, Charlie Bruer, Mary Bissen
Non-Performaing Members = Michael Johnson, Maggie Pierson

Group Description = jolly, rotund and ready for action

2pm Match

Blue Light Special

College or University: Iowa Central Community College

Performing Members: Marty Wessels, Martin Wise, Rebecca Perryman, Alex Sudbrock, Maria FranCois, Trevor Erdman, Logun Buckler, Chris Keller, Daniel Peet 

Non-Performing Members: Ben McCartney

Team Description: This is Blue Light Specials’ competitive debut!   Like many in this spread out middle, BLS is proud to be the only Long Form Improv troupe in our area. Looking forward to seeing what other forms take shape from our region.

Breakfast For Dinner
College/University: University of Minnesota: Morris
Performing Members: Alek Sievert, Alex Kies, Emma Randolph, Jesse
Carlson, Isaac Deragon, Peter Ray
Non-Performing Members: Andrew Sletten 

Team Description: The University of Minnesota at Morris' official
long-form improv troupe, and the only improvised comedy happening for
roughly 100 miles in any direction! Breakfast for Dinner is excited
for their 4th year competing in the College Improv Tournament.

Friendship Cave
College/University = University of Wisconsin- Madison
Performing Members = Rayna Christman, Heba Elorbany, Kate Fernan, Billy Garcia, Emily Heller, Ethan Krupp, Julia Mercer, Maurissa Myers, Alec Valadez, Olivia Zeuske 

Group Description = Friendship Cave is more than a group of long form improvisers, it's a group of friends. From a couple of highly driven Jews, to a Math major, to a Mexican, Friendship Cave finds its diversity wows audiences into laughs and giggles fun for the whole family!

To Be Determined
College/University = North Dakota State University
Performing Members = Davis Steen, Reid Lunemann, Maria Keeler, Chris Berstler, Michelle Pierce, Alison Olson, Sarah Palm, Alex Stoks
Non-Performaing Members = Jordan Arel, Austin Parrish

Group Description = We are NDSU's best short-form improv group, not to mention the only one. We come from the great state of North Dakota and the city of Fargo (yes the one from the movie. And yes we've seen it.).

4pm Match

21 Club
College or University = Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Performing Members = Antonio Gutierrez, Ben Lifson, Brennan Gasser, Chris Gasser, Dawson Walker, Hilary Greenstein, Jei Gross, Leigh Luna, Madeline McGrane, Kay Rossbach 

Team Description = 21 Club is a bunch of art students doing long form improv! 

Merely Players
College or University = Carthage College
Performing Members = Ben McGuiggan, Brent Nemetz, Zach Allen, Shannon Fox, Rose Grizzell, Eric Marquis, Sean Mobley, Grant Brooks, 
Non-Performing members = Elliot Culp, Matt "Duck" Schaeflein, Josh Parton, Neil Geitslinger

Team Description = A sprinkling of minds brought together to make the improv cake delicious!

The Understudies

College/University: University of Wisconsin Madison

Performing Members: Toler Wolfe, Nick Hertog, Abby Frank, Eric Wiig, Jackson Reed, Doug Greenberg, Beth Slotten
Non-Performing Members: Laurel Kordyban, Ian Erickson, Matt Stone, Katherine Jost

Team Description: UW Madison's only short form improv group

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