College Improv Tournament 2012-2013

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Windy City Regional

Windy City Regional Champion
Kids These Days - Wheaton College

Match Schedule

Prelims at pH Productions


The Whittakers - Wheaton College

Latchkey Kid - Loyola University 

Red Light School District - University of Illinois-Circle

Occam's Razor – University of Chicago


45 Kings – Loyola University

Cosby Sweaters – DePaul University

ROIAL Improv Players - Michigan State University

Kids These Days – Wheaton College


Prelims at Playground Theater


Don't Call It Bill - University of Michigan

Lincoln's Security Detail - Illinois College

Noise from the Basement - Dominican University

The Martha Stewart Home Collection - Columbia College


The Impro-fessionals - University of Michigan

Droppin' $cience – Columbia College Chicago

Off Off Campus - University of Chicago

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Group Name = The Whittakers
College/University = Wheaton Improv
Performing Members = Hannah Taetzsch, Isaac Carter, Andrew Wolfe, Lucian Green, Sam Wilgus, Jeff Linton, Mallory Alpert, Troy de Freitas, Max Adams, Amy Kuhlman, Hannah Wolfe
Non-Performaing Members = Jacob Carter

Group Description = The Whittakers.

Group Name = Kids These Days
College/University = Wheaton College (IL)
Performing Members = Gwen Dreyer, Jon Jones, Ben Kinsinger, Andrew Wagner, Laura Ketchum, Peter Thompson, Sarah Neff
Non-Performaing Members = Amanda Gregornik

Group Description = Kids These Days.

Group Name = Red Light School District
College or University = UIC
Performing Members = Michael Saubert, Andreas Kounales, Taylor Murphy, Bethany Arrington, Tanous El-Kareh, Zak Zajac, Carly Carrano, Taylor Walters-Chapman, Trace Hamilton, Jazz Luckett, Mark Pontarelli 
Non-Performing members = John Van Ort, Destiney Strothers

Team Description = Created By UIC alumni Jake Lindquist in 2007, UIC's Red Light SchoolDistrict prides itself on being a completely student run college improv troupe. Comprised of UIC students Red Light seeks to share with the college and community the healing voice of laughter. 

Completely self taught by our ensemble members who have studied at prestigious training studios such as IO Chicago, Second City, and Comedy Sportz Indiana, Red Light utilizes this training to create a collaborative troupe that focuses on relationships and team building skills. Red Light has also been work shopped with improv legend Dave Pasquesi from the famous TJ and Dave show. 

Recently Red Light has broken into community service held their first annual Toys For Tots Fundraiser show raising over 200 toys for the less fortunate.It is also a yearly participant in the Evergreen Park high School's Operation Snowball, that deals with helping high school kids live a life free of destructive decisions. 

Red Light also supports the non-profit organization communilink a community outreach program that helps those in need. 

They say Laughter is the best Medicine so Red Light has started a working relationship with Children's Memorial Hospital bringing free kid appropriate improv shows to suffering children. RedLights Mission statement is to spread comedy and laughter throughout the Chicago land area and give back to the community with free comedy and laughter.
Regional Applying to = Windy City Regional (Chicago, IL)

Group Name: The Roial Improv Players 
College/University: Michigan State University
Performing Members: Grace Pappalardo, Logan Pedersen, Dave Porath, Sam Peters, Zach Zweifler, Bryce Maurer, Sarah Greer, Brian Glover

Team Description: From the beginning, the Roial Improv Players have been anything but conventional. A group of enthusiastic, outspoken college kids from Michigan State University, this group strives to accept anyone who wants to try their hand at improv and spread the good word about improvisational comedy. The Roial Improv Players were created in the early 2000s along with its mother group, the Roial Players. Completely student run, this rag tag theater troupe has outlasted the odds. With the close of the residential college with which it was affiliated, the Roial Players survived and continued acting and improv-ing. The Roial Improv Players began with only a few members, performing for audiences of 10 to 20 people and learning the ropes as they went. Most of them self taught with little previous experience, the Roial Improv Players created a family of college students who were dedicated to learning and performing improv. Unlike most improv troupes the Players have and will continue to welcome anyone who wants to try their hand at improv. Our group does not hold auditions and embraces improv-ers of all levels and students from all disciplines. Although this sometimes presents a challenge, it helps our team grow, learn from, and support each other.
In recent years, the Roial Improv Players have erupted with new membership and new objectives. Now with upwards of 20 members playing for audiences of over 100, the group has truly flourished. Our team holds monthly shows in our home base theater in the new Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State. The college adopted us into their program and we now have a fantastic partnership with the faculty and students. Our shows feature 7 to 9 of our improv-ers and bring in wonderful crowds. Our current team is a delightful mix of new and old, with veteran members, as well as new players who have shown incredible growth and talent. We are so excited to be a part of this year's College Improv Tournament and brought a team of 8 to represent the great state of Michigan.

Group Name = The Impro-fessionals
College/University = University of Michigan
Performing Members = Rayna Caskey, Michael Fienberg, Willie Filkowski, Dan Gantman, Erik Gothard, Weslie Lechner, Jessica Shost, Sonia Tagari, Sarah Waxman

Group Description = The Impro-fessionals are a combination short-form/long-form improv group that has been performing at Michigan for the past five years. The Impro-fessionals are the University of Michigan Ann Arbor's youngest improv group, and the only one that performs a hybrid short-form/long-form show. They have a steady following for their shows, which are performed a few times a semester.
The group currently consists of nine members from across the country. A wide variety of improv backgrounds are also represented, including Comedy Sportz (LA), Second City, and various local groups.
The group strives to entertain their audience with high quality improv, going for the big laughs that come from a great scene rather than the cheap ones.

Group Name = The Cosby Sweaters
College/University = Depaul University
Performing Members = Tommy Lowry, Grace Palmer, Logan Breitbart, Amy Rose Ramelli, Julianne Schwartz, Meredith Johnston, Danny Backer, Mimi Dybczak
Non-Performaing Members = Jason Geis - Coach, Drew Current - Coach, Brad Kemp - Music Director

Group Description = DePaul University's premiere improv team. The Cosby Sweaters are one of the only musical improv college teams in the country and are National Semifinalists 2 years running. We are a pHarm team of pH Productions, and purveyor of quality improv at affordable prices. They are based out of a brand new location at the pH Comedy Theater 1515 Berwyn Ave.

Group Name = No Script Attached
College/University = Dominican University
Performing Members = Sam Zidek, Becca Duff, Alli Braun, Andrea Minchella, Drew Adduci, Axel Vargas-Irlanda, Rosa Terracciano, Michael Melchiorre, Andrew Meissen
Non-Performaing Members = Jason Hodge - Coach, Patrick Serrano - Coach

Group Description = Dominican University's No Script Attached is the newest of the pH pHarm system. They use their theater background to enrich their improv and approach the artform a little "differently". 

Group Name = Droppin' $cience
College/University = Columbia College Chicago
Performing Members = Jamie Jirak, Tyler Davis, Cassie Ahiers, Mike Cullen, Terence Carey, Nick Jester, Hannah Starr, Melissa Endsley, Hal Baum, David Gordesky, Max Lazarine
Non-Performaing Members = Kenny Metroff - Coach, Amy Couey - Coach

Group Description = Droppin' $cience is the premiere improv group at Columbia College and a member of the pH pHarm program. Their silly, high energy, bordering on chaos style has served them very well. They are the 2-time reigning champs of the Chicago Regional, and the current National Champion. Members from Droppin' $cience have gone on to do awesome things like play at iO, Second City, Annoyance, pH and most recently one of our alums joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. 

Group Name = Latchkey Kid
College/University = Loyola University
Performing Members = Colleen Prendergast, Alex Gilman, Annie Chimienti, Spenser Kash, Erin Gutknecht, Sara Augustinas, Stewart Jackson, Tim Lavery, RJ Silva, Annie Murphy
Non-Performaing Members = Austin Campion - Coach, Anne Murphy - Coach

Group Description = Loyola's Latchkey Kid is one of the newer pH pHarm teams. They are made almost entirely of freshmen and sophomores and bring a youthful energy to the stage. They perform regularly on Loyola's campus and at College Night with pH. 

Group Name = Don't Call It Bill
College/University = The University of Michigan
Performing Members = Alejandro Fallick, Waleed Mansour, Chad Rhiness, Riley Taggart

Group Description = Don't Call It Bill is not called Bill. Please don't call us Bill. Nobody in our group is named Bill and everybody is always like, "Hey, Bill!" We're not Bill so shut up about it! Using one suggestion, Don't Call It Bill crafts a loosely connected batch of scenes with joviality and love -- Bill

Group Name: Lincoln's Security Detail

School: Illinois College

Regional Tournament: Windy City Regionals

Performing Members: Willie Barefield, Brian Davenport, Logan Giesing, Carly Holmes, Jordan Jamison, Jonathan Kirkham, Kelsey McFarren, McKenzie Ralph.

Group description: A collection of theatre majors and just plain talented actors, the troupe is open to anyone who can make the audition cut. Formerly working exclusively in short-form, they were inspired by last year's tournament to work on long-form this year. They were already talking about returning on the ride home last January. This is their second time at the Chicago Improv Festival, and they're very excited to be here! They hope you enjoy the show as much as they do.

Group Name = The 45 Kings
College/University = Loyola University Chicago
A: Performing Members = Rianne Coale, Eric Rahill, Ben Briggs, Tim Ferrari, George Owens, Dan Black, Sarah Ray
Non-Performaing Members = None

Group Description = We are Loyola University's premiere improv team! We are a group of 7 players (our 8th player just got back from studying abroad), and we love to perform long form improv. Our coach is Caleb George, and he is amazing!
Group Name = The Martha Stewart Home Collection
College/University = Columbia College Chicago
A: Performing Members = Anna Bresnahan, BriElle Munizzi, Charlie Cook, Caitlin McLean, Devlin Marcotte, Eric Somogyi, Jessica Ferolo, Mason Maguire, Nick McDowell, and Tatsue Sera
Group Description = The Martha Stewart Home Collection features a wide array of students with various backgrounds, levels of improv experience, and degrees of sanity. Stemming from the larger Columbia College Improv Club line, The Collection captures the essence of family, a welcoming atmosphere, and a ladleful of fun. That's right, anyone can enjoy the larger Improv Club line at any time. No auditions or assembly required! This set is sure to make a lovely addition to any home, so please stop by your local Macy's, Kohl's, or Dollar General to pick up yours today!

Group Name = Occam's Razor
College/University = University of Chicago
Performing Members = Thomas Chapman, Annina Christensen, Noah Lee, Ben Bond, Pau, Goodrich, Dan Brier, Sam Karas, Sam Taylor, Tony Ditta, Kylie Zane
Non-Performaing Members = Kirsten Madsen, Manager

Group Description = Occam’s Razor was founded at the University of Chicago in 1999. Some of the warm-up 
games they have invented include Stargazer,Small, Medium, Large, Goodfellas/ 
Greatfellas, Hour-Long Prayer, Hospital Catchphrases, Hum, Ho, Hibble! Return to 
Catchphrase Lake, Back 2 Back, Captain, Stewardess, Pilot, Hairdresser, Uncle Baggz, Acapella Dojo, The Shape, Catchphrase Deli, Bucket of Sweat, Bubbles Bubbles, Miracle Cure, Da Vinci! Catchphrase Countdown, Dream Date, Some Call it Love, And Then What Happened? Catchphrase Funeral, 5-Second Sitcom, CSI: Bait Shop, How Did It Feel? Loose Lippz, 3, 2, 1, Prom Date! Thief's Breath, I Can't Believe It's Not Catchphrase, Ocean Sounds, Old Bird, Young Bird, and an original variation of Zip! 
Zap! Zop! called Zip! Zap! Zop! Zepp! Zeeb! They perform both short form and long form shows on the University of Chicago campus and invite you to visit their Facebook page ( for show dates and a complete list of warm-up games.

Group Name = Off Off Campus
College/University = University of Chicago
Performing Members = Davio Cianci, Will Stack, Peter Herman, Eric Stone
Non-Performaing Members = Hilary Clifford, Sam Blobaum, Jacob Becker, Brent Rappaport, Patrick Ford, Janet Xu, Haley Johnson, Harmon Siegle, Molly Miller, Evan Weiss, Ariana Nedelman, Alex Stein, Paul Chang, Harrison Kaufman, Dan Ackerman, Danny Patton, Kevin Shang, Peter Moller, Karlee Esmailli, and Jenny Keroack

Group Description = Off-Off Campus is the second oldest student improvisational theater troupe in the country with the first generation dating back to 1986. In the 1950's, a group of University Chicago students formed the Compass Players on campus, and in 1959, the group became The Second City. In 1986, U of C alum and Second City co-founder Bernie Sahlins (A.B. '43) returned to the University campus in order to begin a south side group to rival his north side creation. Sahlins trained the first Generation of Off-Off Campus in the art of sketch and improv comedy, and his knowledge and training regiment has been passed down through 27 generations of Off Off Campus. Since 1986 Off-Off Campus has entertained thousands of Chicagoans with its unmistakable mix of improv, sketch, and musical comedy. Off Off Campus performs on campus at the University of Chicago, at University Church in the Blue Gargoyle Theater. Off Off Campus never performs the same show twice! Like them on Facebook for info on tickets, show times, improv tips from the pros and exclusive video content!

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